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that ask has made me feel really concerned

Anonymous: Imagine going on your first date with Kyungsoo at his house and you have your period, you have to go to the bathroom to change your 2 day old tampon so you go into the bathroom and as you pull it out and alot of blood spills out along with it, you scream and drop the very bloody tampon on the floor and Kyungsoo runs in to see whats wrong and then very calmly gets to his knees and licks the period blood covered floor clean and then eats your bloody tampon and then licks your vagina clean and wink


well that’s -100 points towards me becoming an exotic



140418 Blue Night Radio

cr: YOYOYUAN想不出后缀
Jonghyun: I had no schedules today, I was at home the whole day, laying in bed, watching tv, scrolling through all sorts of news, praying for them. Now all the citizens, also everyone from overseas are praying, we are feeling really low, as if we are offenders, I hope that there will be a miracle, everyone will be saved.

cr: human-lock
Jonghyun: When I was in high school I wasn’t able to go to field trips and I’ve always been regretting that.

cr: YOYOYUAN想不出后缀
Jonghyun: Today I saw a lot of fake news on SNS, don’t know what mindsets the people who created those fake news had, but what goes around comes around, you guys will be punished for doing such things, even if it’s not regarding the law you guys will be punished.

cr: YOYOYUAN想不出后缀
The number of deceased of the sinking ferry incident just raised to 20. On the miniradio, there is one listener by the name of Rabbit, usually she is really active on the chat board, she just messaged in :I left a lot of homework for these children, the only homework now is for them to return alive. (This listener is the external tutor of the high school students on board)

cr: human-lock
Jonghyun: Please, even if the rain stops, even if the weather (is in the way), please help us.

cr: human-lock
Listeners: After checking the list of survivors, I still couldn’t find the name of my previous homeroom teacher, it will appear tomorrow right… My friend in on board, there is no news…. I saw my previous teacher’s name on the list of deceased…. today my brother came back from his field trip, the moment he stepped into the house my mother hugged him and cried, thanked him for coming back safely.

cr: 金鐘鉉0408
Listener: Students, the 4 day 3 nights field trip is over, come back quickly. Jong: Previously I couldn’t go for field trips so I was envious (of those who could go), but it’s something happy but what has it become right now …

cr: YOYOYUAN想不出后缀
3 continuous messages: 1. Today I returned home as usual, my mother hugged me and said, it’s great that you came back safely, she hugged me and kept crying. 2. I am an alumni from that high school, I searched for countless times, I still couldn’t find my teacher’s name on the list of survivors. Jonghyun (with obviously shaky voice): What should we do… what should we do… 3. There are eight younger brothers and sisters that I know of on board, they have to be saved….


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i love amber so much

so so much

… and he’s always in it.